This service is for PC’s that crash frequently, are slow to access the internet, run out of Windows resources, have to reboot regularly, and/or files and programs have been erased.

You may also find that your personal information and files have been stolen, spam is being sent out from your computer, files appear on your computer that you haven’t created.

If you experience any of these problems this may be the service for you.

We can help with removing viruses, adware, spyware or pop-ups. Anything malicious and self replicating that needs to be removed.

This service also includes a free installation of anti-virus software.

For an example of a virus see below.


The “Police Central e-crime Unit” lock screen is a computer virus (Trojan:W32/Reveton), which will display a bogus notification, that pretends to be from the Metropolitan Police and states that your computer has been blocked due to it being involved with the distribution of pornographic material, SPAM and copyrighted content.

The Police Central e-crime Unit virus will lock you out of your computer and applications, so whenever you’ll try to log on into your Windows operating system or Safe Mode with Networking, it will display instead a lock screen asking you to pay a non-existing fine of £100 in the form of a Ukas or PaySafeCard code within 48 hours. Furthermore, to make its alert seem more authentic, this virus also has the ability to access your installed webcam, so that the bogus Police Central e-crime Unit notification shows what is happening in the room.

Cyber criminals often updated the design of this lock screen, however you should always keep in mind that the Police Central e-Crime Unit will NEVER lock down your computer or monitor your online activities. The message displayed by the threat can be localized depending on the user’s location, with text written in the appropriate language. Depending on the variant, the Trojan may only display a message in the language spoken by its authors, or the country that was intended as the main target of the attack.