We offer a friendly tuition service in easy-to-understand English. No computer jargon. Just language you are able to understand at your own pace. We will sit down with you face to face and go through any problems you may be having.

If you just want a 30 minute session that is fine we can offer this to you in store. We have a table and chair in the corner where you will get our full attention and we will go over any worries you may have. Tuition on a system can be so wide so if you have quite a specific problem you may be best ringing up first so we can book you in.

We do offer a call-out service for tuition as well. This is where we come out to the house sit down with you for an hour (or more) and go over any concerns you may have. For example how to use your printer or send over a few emails to friends in the comfort of your home.

Depending how far you are from the Tweedmill Shopping Outlet we offer calls out from £30 an hour. If you come in store for 30 minutes we will charge around £15 however this will vary based on time.

If you want to know more about our tuition service then feel free to give us a call.