Software is important for a computer, we will help you find the right software or improve your current software.

Software can range from free anti-virus to a whole operating system such as Windows 10.

Operating system installs;
With Mill Computer Care we offer upgrades from windows XP all the way up to Windows 10. We charge £40 for the installation of the operating system. This however does not include the license key, if you provide us with a license key you will not have to pay for this. If you do not feel free to ask about how much a license key would be at the moment we can provide Windows 7 keys for £40. (Important to note we do have special software which can potentially get the license key off your machine but cannot guarantee this)

We can recommend Anti- virus to you as well. We sell Bull-Guard antivirus in store and which can cover a few PC’s. This will protect you over the internet whilst your surfing the web. It is essential to have an anti-virus on your PC and we highly recommend purchasing a good one. Important to note be careful when buying anti virus over the internet a lot of these are fake and will do nothing to protect your PC.

Microsoft Office;
If you are looking for a Microsoft Office package we can install these on for you. If you had an old PC which had Microsoft Office on it we can transfer this to another PC you have. Even if you have lost the license key as we have special software which extracts the product key from the PC.

Other Software;
There are many types of software you can get for your PC. We can update your software so you have the latest version. We can help install software if you are having problems with it.

If you have any questions about any software you use please feel free to ask us.