Does everyone around you have a social media account? Do you ever feel left out? Like your missing something?

For some setting up an account is an overwhelming and daunting task. We can help make it easier for you and can be setup in a relatively small amount of time. We can sit down with you and talk about what you want from social media and we can help set up the account which matches this criteria.

We help with adding any information you want on your profile, connecting to people online, show you how to video chat with someone and much more. Whilst keeping your information safe and secure by using the privacy settings social media has to offer.

Social media has expanded dramatically over the past 10 years and we want to keep our customers in touch with this. It is a great online experience and it can even save you money as video calling is free on most social media sites from around the world where as ringing someone on your mobile costs. It really is a great opportunity to speak to family/friends who are in different countries.

To summarise;

The way we set up you with social media can include the following:
•WordPress — this is a blogging format that you will be able to blog and share content in a longer format.
•Facebook — as discussed before. You can send messages privately or publicly and see peoples responses to these.
•Twitter — Similar to Facebook this site allows you to write a “tweet” which is a short few lines about whatever you want to speak about. Many famous people have twitter.
•LinkedIn — Less known with most. This is an area of social media used by professionals who often exchange contacts, knowledge with other people in their field.