Do you have a tablet/phone which needs a repair? We do all fixes on Apple iPhones/iPads + Samsungs whether it be a smashed screen, new battery or a damaged charging port. We offer a range of services to fix any hardware faults you may have. Repairs on phones can be done same day and on special requests whilst you shop.

We also do software repairs on phones and tablets also. If your tablet is running slow we can speed it up, we can also repair apps which have stopped working. If you are having trouble syncing emails over we can also fix this for you.

If you have forgotten your passcode for your device we can perform a factory reset where it will start you from fresh as this usually is the only way you can overcome such a problem.

If you have recently upgraded to a smartphone/tablet you may be having difficulty getting used to it. Here at Mill Computer Care we offer tuition to our customers where we can take you through your new device step by step. This can include setting up the new tablet/smartphone or simply showing you some of the features your new device has to offer to you.

As there are so many repairs relating to phone/tablets and prices often change on screen repairs weekly you are best giving us a call and asking for a quote on these repairs.