Need remote support for your business or for personal use? We can remote into your computer and fix any problems you may be having, whether it be software fixes or you think you may have a virus.

Remote support means that we can control your PC from our store at the Tweedmill Shopping Outlet. So whether you at your home or business we can control the PC and help sort out any fixes.

BEWARE – If you get phone calls from a Microsoft Support Team please do not answer, these are scams and you should not give them money or let them into your PC.

Problems where remote support can be used;

Email problems – Whether you have forgot your account details to not having the correct mail server on your Outlook/Windows Live Mail account.

Connecting devices at your home/business – We can help install printers if they have suddenly stopped working if you think there is a connection problem. We can install drivers if they have stopped working also.

There is a whole range of issues where remote support can be used. We have a range of diagnostic material we can use to identify any problems you are having.

If the work involved is going to take a lot of time we will inform you of this before going ahead with any repair.

If you have any questions about our remote support service feel free to email/call us. We can give you a bit more information about it.

If you do no need help for now follow the instructions below and we can remote into your PC and fix any problems you are having.

Please enter your Session ID in the box below and click Connect