Are you looking to transfer files from your old computer onto a new computer you have just bought? Or even purchased a new hard drive and want your data backing up?

Then look no further we offer file transfer in store whether or not you have masses of pictures/data or just want a few photos put onto a memory stick.

If you want your old data transferred onto your new PC we can do this for you. We actually sell laptops, tablets and PC’s in store, if you purchase a PC we include the data transfer in the price. (This is dependent on the amount of data you have).

We can help you transfer your files and then show you where they are located so you can easily access them at your own leisure. We aim to make the entire process as quick and as easy as possible. If you want specific files and want to get rid of the junk ones at the same time we can do this for you as well.

This service will cost £20-£40 which is really dependent on the amount of data you have and whether you want us to delete junk data at the same time which you do not want anymore.

We can do file transfer the day you bring it to us. We will transfer the data the way in which you ask us.