We can run a diagnostic on any device you have to let you know what the issue is. This service can include PC’s that are failing to boot, frequently crashing, showing regular error messages or similar.

If you are simply unsure of what the issue is we would run a diagnostic test we go through a series of checks on your device in order to determine the problem. Hardware issues can be more difficult to diagnose, and each component may need to be tested separately.

If we believe the problem is a hardware related issue we will contact you prior to proceeding. We like to contact our customers before going ahead with any repair once we have found out the problem. The reason for this is that our customers like to know the costs before hand. Sometimes it can actually be cheaper to buy a new PC rather than trying to fix the current ones. If we think the device is worth repairing we will get a quote together for you which will fix the issue and you can decide whether to go ahead on this or not.

90% of software problems can be diagnosed within an hour. However, if the diagnosis is not completed within the allotted 1 hour slot then we will inform you before proceeding. Software problems can include a program not loading at all or just incorrectly.

If you are unsure about an issue with your computer/tablet please feel free to bring it to us. We can run a diagnostic check on your device and let you know what the issue is.