Our Data Recovery service can salvage data from damaged, failed, or corrupted Hard Drives.

Have you lost your precious family photo albums? Or other irreplaceable data?

The FIRST thing you must do is STOP USING THE COMPUTER! Any further attempts to read/write to the hard drive can damage more data and make files less recoverable.

Data loss can occur for a whole host of reasons that including following:

  • power surges or outages
  • accidental reformatting or overwriting
  • interference from malware or viruses
  • physical damage

We have specialised recovery software that will not damage the existing data on the drive. It traces the hard drive back over a period of time and finds potential data that can be saved. It will highlight data that will not be recoverable as well and data which is partially corrupted.

We basically extract the data that is recoverable/ partially recoverable and can place this onto a pen drive for you. We can also diagnose as to why the data has suddenly become corrupted. This can help prevent loss of data in future cases.

We can also attempt to recover files from unreadable CD’s, DVD’s Blu-ray’s, USB drives and other forms of Flash media.

If you are unsure bring your drive into us and we can try and extract the data you think you may of lost. We only charge 15 pounds if we cannot recover anything. We cannot guarantee we will find data but we can ensure you that we have tried our best.

If you have any queries regarding data recovery please feel free to ask us.