Is your data safe and secure? Would you like to back it up just in case?

We offer data backup here at Mill Computer Care. We can back up your data on any device you wish so that you have duplicate copies of your most treasured information. Data back up can be done the same day you bring the PC into us. Depending on the amount of data you want transferring we can even do it whilst you browse the Tweedmill Shopping Outlet.

Files can be lost in a number of ways and we want to ensure that you do not lose either family pictures or important documents.

Reasons why you should back up your data;
Computer Crashes – Files can become corrupt and irrecoverable.

Virus infection (encryption) – Viruses on a PC can delete valuable data. One of the most common cases we see is an encryption virus. Basically an encryption virus turns your data into an unreadable format, a page will come up asking for money to unencrypt it. (Even if you pay these viruses there is no guarantee of getting your data back and we do not recommend paying the ransom)

Hard Drive Failure – My experience working in computers has told me that hard drives can suddenly fail without warning. We get a lot of customers who have not backed up their data and their hard drive has failed. We cannot obtain data from a failed hard drive you have to take it to a specialist where they can charge thousands.

Theft/fire – This is an obvious one but we have had customers in the past who this has happened to.

We recommend saving your files onto a separate external hard drive which is not stored in the same place as your PC. If you have valuable data you must take steps to back this data up before it is too late.

Here at Mill Computer Care we can help you do this. Feel free to ask us any questions about data backup if you have any we are more than happy to help.