Custom PC Builds to satisfy the needs of anyone, from the most basic computer user to the high end gamer.

Basic User – For all the general daily needs from accessing emails, photos and social networks. Not suitable for applications that require more power, such as gaming.

Medium User – We can build a PC which runs most games but not at the very highest quality. This type of PC will run all your programs at a very fast rate.

High End User – For the more enthusiastic user. Suitable for high end performance and gaming.

There are so many different aspects of a PC you can look at. For example;

Storage – If you are storing huge amounts of data a 1TB hard drive would do the trick. If you are purely going for speed you would want a Solid State Drive (SSD) which runs up to 10 times the speed of a normal hard drive. You can even have both, use the SSD for your operating system and then use the hard drive purely for storage.

RAM – This will have an influence on the speed of your PC. You can simply have the standard 4 GB RAM or you can go all out and have 32GB of RAM. RAM makes processor on your system run at the speed they do.

Motherboard – You can chose from a motherboard that will be able to handle the spec of PC you want.

Processor – We usually recommend Intel processors but AMD are cheaper and can run just as well for general users. If you wanted a basic PC you would be looking at a Intel Pentium/i3 processor. For medium users you would be looking at an i5 and then for high spec users the intel i7 processor.

Ports/Graphics card
– You can personally chose the graphics card dependent on what type of gaming you want to use it for. We can also add ports you may want such as SD card slots, more USB ports etc.

Software – We can add whatever operating system you want, we do recommend Windows 10 however. We can put Microsoft Office on the PC for you if you have the license key. Any other programs you may want we can add on for you also.

There are many other The price for a custom built PC can vary greatly depending on the needs of the user. Please ask us for any more information you may want.