Do you feel insecure at work or home? Here at Mill Computer Care we offer CCTV Installation and Maintenance.

Installing a CCTV system is an easy, affordable way to give yourself peace of mind. We design your CCTV system based on your needs whether for outdoor or indoor use.

For example we offer;

  1. DOME CAMERAS – These dome shaped cameras are the most common choice and can be seen in most businesses and stores. The darkness of the camera makes it difficult for criminals to see where the camera is pointing. We recommend using these cameras indoors however we can implement these outdoors as well. These are available in black and white or colour and have a decent video resolution.

Varifocal dome cameras feature the highest quality SONY 1/3” Super HAD CCD sensor and excellent resolution (420 lines). The 5-8mm model has an adjustable lens focus from 5mm to 8mm. The 9-22mm model can adjust its lens focus from 9mm to 22mm.


2. INFRA RED CAMERASWe offer Infra Red cameras also. These cameras allow you to have night vision and work excellently where crime is more likely to happen. Dependent on what type of camera you want some of the cameras we can offer can have a 150ft range. These cameras are perfect for large businesses and are great in all types of weather.


3) BULLET CAMERAS– These cameras are a cylinder type of shape. Generally these cameras we offer come with a 3.6mm lens which allows for 80 degree views. The lens on these are very powerful and can make facial details stand out at about a 35 foot range. These can be installed on ceilings or wall dependent on efficiency.

4) C- MOUNT CAMERAS– We recommend using these cameras in a small office or at home. You may of seen these on peoples houses focusing on their driveways. Again these have a 4mm lens which provides 70 degree views. The camera can make out facial features from a distance of 35 feet.


Contact us for more information we offer friendly advice and will give out free quotes if you have any queries. So if you feel like you need that extra security within your business or home come to Mill Computer Care.

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