We offer a friendly helpful computer service, offering quality computer repairs for all makes, types and models of computers throughout North Wales. We have a local friendly computer repair shop based at the Tweedmill Shopping Outlet near St Asaph.

Our services include:

  • Diagnostic – We offer a service that diagnoses any problems you have with your PC, Tablet or Laptop for a small fee of £30.


  • Data Recovery – We can recover valuable data you have lost in the past and add it back to your system. The cost of this is £30 or free if we cannot track the lost data.


  • Repairs – Here at Mill Computer Care we can repair any damages to your system. These can be hardware or software repairs for a fee of £30 plus however much the parts cost.


  • File Transfer – One of our more popular services is file transfer. where we transfer files (for example pictures) from one computer to another. The cost of this service is normally in the region of £20.


  • Custom PC Builds – If you want a PC built for you we can offer this service, you will need to contact us via email or phone with a list of spec you want for your custom PC.


  • Hardware Upgrades/Installation – Hardware upgrades we offer can include adding RAM to your PC to speed it up or installing a new battery pack. Hardware uprades will usually cost £20 to install plus the price of the item.



  • Peripherals Installation – If your struggling setting up any peripherals like installing a printer to your PC we can do this for you. This service will cost £15.


  • Installation of Operating System – Looking to upgrade from windows 7 to windows 8? We can upgrade for you for a fee of £20 plus the cost of the newly implemented operating system.



  • Data Backup – Want to keep your data more secure? Why not backup your data for £25.


  • PC Setup – If you have bought a new PC you may not be familiar with the latest features. We can help you setup your PC for £20 and show you the basics.


  • PC Tune Up – Feel as if your PC is running slow? Why not tune it up here at Mill Computer Care for £30.


  • Tuition – We can teach you how to use your PC more in depth for £30 an hour.


  • Social Media Setup – Looking to finally setup a social media account on Facebook or another website. For £10 we can add all the information you want onto your social media account.