There are a variety of methods of adding music to your PC. You can either do this online or offline.

Various methods include;

untitled (5) CD Ripping – You can rip CD’s onto your computer by using windows media player. Simply insert the disc onto your computer and load up windows media player. There is a heading called “rip” which allows you to select any songs you want and add them onto your PC. The songs once ripped will then be installed in your library.


If you use ITunes you might find that the CD automatically pops up and then you can click yes if you want to add all the music files in to your iTunes library.


imagesNSSIOAA6  Downloading ITunes – ITunes is probably the single most popular software for music as many people carry Ipods and such on them. ITunes as explained before usually automatically updates your songs for you which saves you adding the music manually.

It is worth investing in an Ipod as once you connect it to your computer with ITunes installed it will update between each other.


untitled (6)  Pen Drive – You can have music files on a pen drive also. Simply connect the pen drive into your USB port on your computer and click on the songs, from here you can right click on the song and import it to your music library.


External Hardrives – Similar to that of a pen drive you again just need to find the music on your hardrive and right click on it and import it over.


images2QPZY1F1   Purchasing Music –  If you have the internet you can purchase music online and transfer it to your PC. Using  windows media player you can achieve by selecting “browse all online stores” which is under the “Media Guide” tab. Here you can register to various websites which allow you to purchase music such as ITunes and eMusic.

These websites will ask for private information so be wary. Once you have found a website you like simply browse the music they have to offer and get buying.