Here at Mill Computer Care we can install any peripheral device you may be having trouble with such as printers. Installing peripherals can be daunting for people and there is huge range of products you can plug into your computer.

A peripheral device is a piece of hardware which connects to your PC in order for it to be functional.

The most common of which is the printer. Generally with printers we always advise the customer organises a call out with us. The reason being is that it saves you from bringing everything into the store, also some printers work from your wi-fi box. So when you get home you will have connect the PC to the printer again which could cause problems.

Other peripherals we can install can include webcams, graphics cards, hard drives, pen drives and many more. If you are having problems with installing any piece of hardware we are more than happy to help.

We also sell pen drives and SD cards in store so if you are looking for a device to store your pictures/documents etc on look no further. Our prices are really cheap and are made by a well known company called Kingston.