We help set up your computer or other devices to your own personal needs. Whether it be emails that need setting up or you just want to get started on your new device, we are here for you.

We can get you familiar with your new device so you have nothing to worry about. We set up the device at your own pace and will be clear as possible when setting up your computer to ensure you get what you want from both us and the device itself.

With PC setting up we can transfer old data from your previous computer and transfer it on to your new computer.
Examples of data which we can transfer include;
Pictures, Documents, Music, Videos, Downloads, Favorites, Emails + Desktop data.

We can also help transfer programs over such as Microsoft Office which will save you buying a new office package. If needed we can install the essentials on your computer such as a Free Anti-Virus or a program such as Adobe Flash Player which allows you to watch videos on Youtube.

Peripherals such as printers etc can also be set up on your computer. We advise you organise a call out with us for this as many printers work wireless and are connected to your personal hub at home. On the subject of wireless if you are struggling to connect to your internet on your new PC we can set this up for you as well.

Anything related to setting up your PC we can help with, feel free to ask us if you have another other questions, we offer free advice. We are highly recommended in the area and pride ourselves in helping our customers the best we can. You will get our full time and attention when it comes to PC set up.