Laptop Screen Repair

Do you have a laptop which has a damaged screen? Don’t just leave it bring it in and we can fix it. Most laptop screens can be repaired so do not hesitate to bring it in to us.

Here are some examples of broken laptop screens;

replace_laptop_screen_002_610x404 (1)


This usually is the early stage of a damaged laptop screen where there are black marks. You can also see the lines on the screen (left hand side) whenever you move the screen these will tend to flicker.

The black marks and lines on the screen will only get worse over time so a repair will be needed as some point.



This screen here is fully cracked and won’t light up. This may look worse but the same repair will be carried out as the above faulty screen.

We charge around £60-£80 for a laptop screen replacement this is dependent on the model. Basically we charge £25-£30 for the fitting and however much the screen costs.

If you have any questions about a repair feel free to contact us!




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