iPhone/iPad Screen Replacements!

We are now officially introducing iPhone/iPad screen replacements to our range at Mill Computer Care. We aim to repair your iPhone/iPad whilst you roam around the Tweedmill Shopping Outlet or whilst you grab a coffee.

Firstly we would like to state that there are a few types of repairs your iPhone/iPad might need;

1) Where there is just a minor crack to the glass screen. This will be the cheapest replacement screen as it is the easiest to repair to complete.ipad


2) The second repair we will be offering is the spider crack repair. This will take longer to repair as each shard has to be pulled from the iPad/iPhone in order to repair.

This will usually be £10 more expensive than the above standard cracked screen repair. Here is an image to show you what a spider crack is.


3) The last repair we offer is the most expensive and requires a lot more attention. Sometimes a crack can be so deep on the iPad or iPhone that it cracks the whole way through the phone to the LCD screen behind the glass.

There are signs that this has happened, for example if your touch screen is not working or your screen does not light up at all. With this repair both the glass screen at the front and the LCD screen behind it will need replacing. The LCD screen behind is quite expensive to replace as the part itself is not cheap.

Your iPad may look like the picture below;


Here at Mill Computer Care we strive to give honest and helpful advice on all the repairs we do. If you have any questions about our iPad/iPhone repairs please don’t hesitate to ask. Prices will also vary dependent on the model of iPad/iPhone you have.

We are located upstairs at the Tweedmill Shopping Outlet.

Phone: 01745731015         Email:info@mill-it.co.uk

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