An operating system may need installing if you have a new laptop or if the current windows you have is corrupt or needs updating. Generally most operating system come on a disc which you insert into your PC.

To start with you want to insert the disc and then shutdown your PC.

  • The next step is to boot to CD/removable device on the start up of your machine. Usually you can do this by pressing F12.
  • Once you have booted from the CD/removable device you will need to follow the instructions by clicking install.
  • Make sure you choose the correct operating system.
  • Installation will take a good hour or so to complete. Once done you will need to enter your product key which can be seen on your PC or the CD itself.
  • Finally once installed you will want to download the Windows Updates to keep your PC as secure as possible.

Drivers usually come with the system however if they don’t you will need to download these online or on a separate CD if you have one. Drivers such as WLAN + LAN, audio and graphics are essential to access the internet, listen to music and for picture quality.

If you need any help with installing an operating system we can do it here in store.