Computer running slow?

Do you have an old PC/Laptop which is a few years old and has become slow and you think you need to buy a new one?


Wait and read this;

This is not the answer a lot of the time a PC/Laptop will run slow if it has a virus on it. We can run deep virus scans to rid your PC of these infections.

A build up of old data is also a big issue with older computers running slow and often these PC’s need a good clean up.

Programs you have on your PC can also make your PC/Laptop run slow. These can often give you pop ups whilst browsing the web especially if your shopping these may appear as add ons on your browser.

Here at Mill Computer care we can fix all of this for you for just £40 and we can get it back to you the next day!

Some old PC/Laptops might just need an upgrade of RAM we can run a scan to see if it can be upgraded. We can see if we can double the RAM or even quadruple it as a lot of old laptops start with 2gb RAM and can be upgraded to 8gb RAM. This will make a huge different to the speed of your PC.

Generally with RAM if you double the RAM of your laptop usually it will double the speed and so forth.

We can get the PC running as fast as the day you bought it or even faster with RAM upgrades. So don’t hesitate to ask us for help and we can tell you what the issue is.

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