password  Passwords;

While using your computer you should always ensure that you have strong password. You can create a password to get into your computer so that when you start up your system a log in screen will appear before you can reach your desktop.

Tips for a secure password;

1) Never use simple/easily guessable passwords such as your date of birth or places.

2) Ensure your password has a mixture of numbers, capital letters and is easily rememberable.

3) Your password should contain a minimum of 8 characters and should not be the same as other passwords you have used in the past.


computer-fix_533x400  Antivirus Software;

Whenever you browse the web you need to be careful on what websites you go on. Websites you find through on google are sometimes marked as “unsafe” therefore there is a great risk of getting a virus from this website.

You should ensure you have an antivirus software downloaded onto your computer. Good antivirus software include, AVG(free) , Norton Anti Virus and Avast.

An important note to add is to make sure your windows firewall is always in full use as it will help block incoming threats.


Data Recovery  Backing up data;

Back up data is an important asset to have when your computer ends up having some technical issues which threatens to remove important files.

You can backup data on various types of devices these include;

  • USB flash drives
  • Using an external hardrive
  • Using the windows system of system backup
  • Other ways include online backup such as using the software dropbox.


The Latest Windows 7 Wallpaper build 7232  Keep upto date;

A key aspect of making your PC as secure as possible is keeping it upto date. For example you will need to download the latest updates for your antivirus which will make sure it can fend off the latest threats to your computer.

Software updates are also important to keep upto date. The reason being is that flaws are being discovered all the time and patches need to be made to prevent these vulnerabilities. You might sometimes see that your computer wants to restart by itself to do a windows update every so often this is an example of one of these software updates.