Here is a step by step guide on how to use a printer.

1) First of all you want to turn both your computer and printer on.

2) Connect the printer to your computer via a USB cable or wirelessly if needed. The connection will allow the computer to send information to the printer in order for it to print.

usbUSB – With USB you will need to plug the cable into the computer, once you have done this you will need to insert a disc which comes with the printer and follow the instructions.

wifiWirelessly–  Connecting wirelessly is different to USB, first of all make sure your wireless router is on. The printer should recognise the router and should connect to it, you may need to type in your network key (pass phrase to get on to your internet). Once you have done this you need to assign it to the network, to do this you need go on “devices and printer” and click add printer. Here you can add the printer onto your computer and this should register the device.

3) After you have successfully connected the printer with your computer you should be able to see the printer icon situated in the bottom right hand of your screen. To check if the printer has been fully installed go to settings then click change PC settings. Once here click on PC and Devices and then go to devices, the printer you have setup should now appear under printer.

4) Printing documents;

word Word files – With word files you need to click on the printer icon or go to file then click print. This will give you a selection of options such as whether you want to print the document landscape/portrait, print on both sides of paper and many others. You can also select “print preview” to view the document you want before printing.  

Picture files– Pictures are located in “my pictures” in the documents folder. Once in “my pictures” select the picture you want to print off. Once you have clicked the picture in the top left hand corner you will see the option to print, simply click this. The options to print will be similar to that of a word file.

5) Uninstalling the printer; To install the printer you want to click on the start up menu and go to “my computer”, once here look towards the top of your screen and click on uninstall/change program. Scroll down and find the printer and simply right click on the name and the option to uninstall should appear.