Here we are going to discuss how to install a mouse and keyboard onto your computer.


Once you have purchased your keyboard and mouse and unpacked the equipment you should be left with;

  • The keyboard.
  • The mouse.
  • (Wireless receiver – if wireless)
  • A disc, which allows you to install the keyboard/mouse software onto your computer.
  • The instructions.
  • Batteries may be included sometimes as well, check the packaging for further details.

Once you have everything you should insert the disc into your computer and follow the instructions with the keyboard and mouse plugged into your computer.

Plugging in your mouse/keyboard can differ depending on its wireless capabilities.

  • If it is wireless you just need to turn both the mouse and keyboard on and plug the wireless receiver into your system (usually in the USB port).
  • With a wired system you will need to plug both the mouse and keyboard into the appropriate slots in the back of your computer (many choose the wireless option for laptops).

Once the disc states that the installation is complete, congratulations you can now use your mouse and keyboard.