As Youtube is the most popular video site on the internet, here is a few tricks you can use to enhance your experience when using it.

Size of video;

When using Youtube you can change the size of the screens to small, medium and large. The option for the medium and large screens are positioned in the right hand corner of the video allowing you to change from the small screen.

Video Resolution;

With Youtube you can also change the quality of the video your watching. Some videos do not have the HD feature but a lot of video put on the website now do. The option for this is located again in the bottom right hand corner of the video right next to the video size.

Watch Later;

On the videos you select on Youtube there is a clock icon, this clock icon allows you to add the video to your watch later list. This means you need to register an account with Youtube to use this feature. The video you select will be placed in the Video Manager menu by clicking on your account name.

Social Aspect;

Youtube videos often have many people commenting on them. Under each video (unless it has been disabled by creator of video) there are usually many comments, you can add comments and chat to people once you have a Youtube account. Another key feature is that you can link your Youtube account to your social media account for example Facebook, so that every time you post a comment on Youtube it will come up on your social media page.

Search for the video you want;

With Youtube you can use advanced search features which are located next to the search bar. These search features allow you to use a filter to narrow down the range of videos that show up helping to find the video you want. Filters which exist are date, quality, length and various others.


You can watch also watch these videos offline, say if your internet is not working for the day.  You can download videos and save them to your computer so you can watch them offline, you may need third party software to do this.


You can like/favourite videos to your account by clicking the thumbs up icon or add to favourites button underneath a video. If you forget to do this and were watching a good video and cant find it again, if you go to your account there is an option saying history. Once you have clicked this you can scroll through the video you have recently watched.