Here we will show you how to connect to the internet using either a wireless network or a wired network. Recently the method for connecting to the internet has transitioned from wired to wireless allowing the internet to be used a lot more freely.

usb Installing a wired connection;

  • Turn off all systems which will be connecting to your network, including peripherals such as printers.
  • You will then need to install the network adapter onto your computer, switch on your computer and plug the USB adapter into your USB slot. If your using adapter cards do the same except place the card into the appropriate slot.
  • You will need to then place a network cable between both the router and the computers adapter. The port you should be looking for is the “LAN” port on the router.
  • Once connected, turn on the router and the computer should recognise the network. If your computers adapter came with an installation disc now is the time to run through it.


wifi Wireless connection;

  • Wireless connecting is a lot more straightforward hence the reason for its growth over the year.
  • First of all turn on your router whilst making sure your computer has a built in wireless adapter.
  • In the bottom right hand of your screen there is a picture of a computer screen, right click on this and search for wireless networks. Your hub should appear now, make a note of the make so it is easier to find.
  • Click connect on the appropriate network, you may need a “network key”, this is usually situated either at the back or bottom of your router.
  • The computer should be now connected to the network.


With a wireless network you can connect to other networks that aren’t yours. For example in shopping centres or in fast food places such as McDonalds, usually these are free but sometimes there is a small fee to use their wifi.