Here is a guide on how to add parental controls to your computer.

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  • First of all you need to decide what limits you want to set for the user.
  • To open Parental Controls you need to go to the Start button, then go to Control Panel, then go to User Accounts > Family safety > click set up parental controls for any user.
  • Here you may be required to enter an administrator password, type this in, this will allow you full access to the list of features.
  •  You should now have an option called “additional controls”, here you should select the restrictions you want on an account. *Note – If there are no selections provided you may need to install additional controls, see the Microsoft website for more details.
  • Additional controls which you can add include time limits, restrictions on games or blocking specific programmes.
  • Once you have ticked the additional controls you want simply add them to the account you want them on.
  • If a setup screen appears for the additional controls, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • If no setup screen appears, check with the manufacturer of the controls for information about setting them up.